We were engaged by beyondblue, the national depression and anxiety initiative, to develop an online resource to provide practical tools and strategies for organisational leaders that promote mentally healthy workplaces.

Our key objective was to encourage the participants to actively engage with the material and download their own personalised action plan.


Our strategic insight was that while the target audience are digitally savvy, they are extremely time-poor. The online resource was designed in a way that instantly engages the user with a set of interactive tools that deliver immediate feedback.

The creative technologies include a cost calculator, risk assessment tool and personal impact map that are incorporated with parallax functionality for an immersive learning experience.


The resource has been distributed to members of a focused research study involving a sample of organisational leaders prior to national launch. So far the results have been positive with a 95% approval rating by participating companies and 22% of users interacting with all 5 main pages. The average time on site by returning visitors is 17 minutes, an impressive first step towards reducing workplace mental health stigmas.

Visual Design

To achieve maximum impact, our design turned the conventions of traditional online learning programs on their head. The website design features a striking use of full screen imagery and background patterns. As the user moves through the resource the fractured glass background pattern and diagonal page divisions start to align to create a sense of order.


The website was made iPad responsive to  effectively
‘cut through’ the noise and busy schedules surrounding organisational leaders. Leaders will be equipped with both the soft and hard skills needed to improve mental health in the workplace.

Video Case Studies

The video experience we wanted to emulate for users was that of an ‘expert panel’, similar to if a leader was attending a management conference on mental health issues. This intention was reflected in the style of the interviews (each participant was asked the same set of questions so that users could compare and contrast their responses) and the final presentation of the embedded video content in a panel style rotating slider.

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The interactive tools each serve to engage the user with the factual material as well as providing leaders with readily implementable strategies for change - each of the tools contributes data to the personalised action plan, which can be downloaded at the end of the resource.

56% of unique visitors
download an action plan

There was a 95% approval rating by participating companies in the focused research study. Other promising results include a 76% unique visitor interaction rate and a 17 min average time on site by returning visitors. Each of these results act as a step towards workplaces where staff feel they are valued, connected to others and have a voice; mentally healthy workplaces.