how data driven user experience doubled Teachers health customer base online

The Challenge

Teachers Health, one of the country’s largest private health insurers was being left behind with in an industry full of innovation and progressive thinking. Their core digital properties, had become outdated and were only used as a basic sales tool for the firm’s private health insurance product.  We were tasked with exploring, designing and building a new site with a strong, customer-centric design focus that would leverage data driven insights to land more sign ups and customers for Teacher Health and help create a more relevant and useful experience.
Using a mix of outside in influences (qualitative research) and inside out data (QUAnITATIVE web logs, path analysis and internal search) we re-designed and redeveloped teachers health website to customer expectation.

A New Customer Experience
meeting genuine needs, voiced by people at the heart of the design

A simple and intuitive interface for obtaining a quote

We removed the traditional complexity of private health insurance quotes by creating a simple ‘needs statement’ tool, where users can enter their age, relationship status, geographic location and reason they’re considering health insurance.

Live quotes, keeping users engaged to find their solution

Once completed, this generated a personalised ‘live quote’, where users could make further adjustments to cover details and see real time updates to cost and coverage level without refreshing the page.

Context Sensitive - “Sticky-quotes”

As customers browse the rest of the site, their custom quote follows them quietly on every page.

The techie stuff

The application build was incredibly complex both from a technical architecture standpoint and also due to the complexities of the User experience implementation within the fully responsive HTML framework.

It has been developed within the businesses Electronic Services Bus (ESB), securely synchronising in all new membership applications and CRM data into the core technical infrastructure of Teachers Health.
The vision and commitment to best in class creative, user experience and technical execution has seen us launch a new website and vision for digital channels which will enable our success for many years to come.
Wendy Taylor, Marketing Director


Before the redesigned and rebuild site, it took 392 visitors to the site to convert to a new customer, after we redesigned and rebuilt it, that dropped to 148 visitors, almost double
Our work has been so successful that Teachers Health have commissioned US to roll out additional versions with separate branding for sub brands Uni Health and Nurses Health.
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