The internet is vital in helping to research and treat cancer. We decided to join the fight by building the first Sh*tbox Rally connected car. The Rally is an annual fundraiser organised by the Cancer Council of NSW, the mission was to drive 4,000km from Perth to Darwin in a car worth less than $1,000. Our biggest challenge was to fundamentally change the way people interact with and sponsor a charity event like this.
The team integrated the car’s telemetry like speed, distance travelled and more to the car’s OBD port via GoGet car share technology, all on a shoe string budget. They then connected it all using broadband and satellite to ensure data would relay between car and website. This site would not only help drive donations in the lead up, but it would also become the ‘Dashboard’ for the live experience as well as the portal for ongoing donations while the team was on the road. 
We not only raised awareness for cancer research within our community, the connected car was a finalist for best car in the rally. We exceed all expectations and raised over $20,000 (of which 36% was raised during the rally) and made it into the TOP4 Fundraisers of the country. We also had the added pleasure of seeing the drivers being subjected to repeated plays of ‘Barbie Girl’ via the in Car Spotify Radio and make it to Darwin in one piece!

the connected car

With the help of our friends, partners and lots of social media and PR buzz we were able to help promote the Sh*tbox Rally event as well as raise funds for the car and the Cancer Council. 
We created our very own DIY interactive car on a shoe string budget that was
perfectly aligned to the ethos of the Shitbox rally.
5445ab0c7fa3dfa65588c248_Popup_connectedcar.png 5445d7b57fa3dfa65588c4bd_Car.png 5445d93ba05709a755daa202_pop2.png 5445d9047fa3dfa65588c4ce_pop1.png 5445d846944ecdaa4df86f54_Links.png 5445db0be62142a84d263169_pop6.png 5445dacba05709a755daa220_pop5.png 5445da2e944ecdaa4df86f5c_pop4.png 5445d99ee62142a84d26315b_pop3.png

interactive experience

The relaying of data to the website connected the audience, the drivers, the environment and the car 
in a truly innovative experience.
5445e6bde62142a84d2631dc_interactive_diagram2.png 5445ef767fa3dfa65588c653_Tower.gif 5445ef62a05709a755daa2d9_Satellite.gif 5445aba6944ecdaa4df86d63_Popup_methodology.png

novel technology

Using satellite and broadband as well as dual
Raspberry Pi microcomputers, integrated GoGet car share technology
and much more; the car technology connected all the
users on various mediums.
Sh*tbox Radio 
hi-jack the
544599407fa3dfa65588c092_ShitboxRadio.jpg 54459b86a05709a755da9fc7_Donation_List.png 54459c7ce62142a84d262eaa_DonateATrack.jpg 5445ac7b944ecdaa4df86d65_Popup_interactive.png
54459dfda05709a755da9fe3_DistanceTracker.jpg 54459ede7fa3dfa65588c13c_satellite_highlight.png
5445a21fe62142a84d262f05_webcam_site.jpg 544601d4944ecdaa4df870ce_Popup_technology.png 5445a2d3944ecdaa4df86d30_webcam_highlight.png

raised over $20,000!

- Raised awareness for cancer research within the community
- Connected Car was a finalist for best themed car in the rally 
- The joy of seeing the drivers being subjected to repeated
plays of ‘Barbie Girl’ via the in Car Spotify Radio 
- Exceeded all expectations and raised over $20,000 
- Made it into the Top 4 Fundraisers of the country 
- And made it all the way to Darwin!
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