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P&O’s outdated Cruise Personaliser application was soon to be decommissioned. The app, which was managed in the UK, was difficult for customers to use and resulted in a large number of calls to the call center. P&O engaged us to create a new, more robust solution that could be managed by the local team and include a range of new features to both facilitate a seamless check-in process and build excitement and confidence in the customer.
Our team worked closely with P&O to scope a solution that addressed key business requirements, while providing a stable platform for future phases of development. Cruise Control was the result of that work, incorporating a number of new features - online payments, cruise schedule, and on-demand E-Ticketing - all with a vastly improved, responsive user experience
Our solution has been well received by both P&O and their customers. Calls to the call center have dropped significantly since the launch. User engagement with the new site has been high, with over 320,000 customer interactions in the first month alone. After obtaining their ticket, 90% of customers are browsing through to view additional offerings, with a 30% conversion rate.


With a history steeped in seeing the world in real life, Scenic Tours wanted to show customers their world, online. They needed a new online platform that would be technically robust enough to look after their digital marketing goals but be user-friendly enough for a target audience that isn’t commonly savvy when it comes to the web. At it’s core, the website needed to centre around a well structured booking system and provide Scenic Tours with a content management system that was easily updated by various stakeholders.


What Deepend created was a responsive website that brought Scenic Tours’ online presence into 2014 and beyond. With a strong focus given to ease of navigation, users are given the freedom to search for something very specific right down to perusing through highlighted offerings. Given the nature of travel the site is a visual treat, taking you through some of the most beautiful corners of the globe but grounding the user in an online experience that feels second-nature.


The new Scenic Tours site is still in early days but the results thus far have completely exceeded expectations with a marked improvement to session time, bounce rates and sales.
Since the site was launched booking numbers have climbed consistently week to week. By the third week, Scenic saw their highest ever number of bookings made in the space of one week. Users are spending up to 4 times as long on the website than ever before. Bounce rates for mobile devices have dropped by 10-15% thanks to the responsive design. The site has experienced zero losses in regards to Google ranking and given the scale of changes made to the site, Scenic was thrilled to have maintained their #1 rankings.

Travel the world from anywhere

No matter where you are or what device you’re using, accessing the Scenic Tours site and making a booking is easy and user-friendly.

Improved data capture

An integration with the internal Scenic Tours API allows the company to better understand who they are talking to, what people are interested in and how can their offering be improved to meet the needs of their discerning customers.
Revolutionary user experience & information architecture
When creating a website for a target audience that are not digital natives it was necessary to strip everything back to basics and think about what makes sense to anyone regardless of their technical prowess. Deepend created a website that is intuitive and engaging for any user.
A booking system that makes sense
As with any business, the end goal is getting customers across the line. Scenic has an enticing product and the new website brings this to the forefront. Utilising a variety of techniques the site funnels customers into an intuitive and easy to use booking system that is free from confusion for users that may feel alienated by online.
Booking numbers have climbed week to week.
The third week of being live saw the highest ever number of bookings.
Users are spending up to 4 times as long on the website.
Bounce rate for mobile devices has dropped by 10-15%.
The site has maintained all it’s #1 Google rankings regardless of the scale of changes the site underwent.