Putting the experience into an experience brand

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Falling traffic, weakening sales and a poor mobile experience. RedBalloon needed to reinvent itself. Despite a philosophy celebrating happiness leveraged through life's experiences the ‘shop front’ for RedBalloon was a purely transactional affair. This served them well in an uncluttered market but as an influx of competitors flooded in, RedBalloon needed to do more than simply list what they sold. They needed to create an environment that inspired people whilst helping them through the purchasing experience and get them to come back and share their experiential adventures after they’d lived it. 


Give, Share, Live. A new ethos, a new brand and a new platform to bring it to life. A new logo and tagline that better represents all this Australian icon stands for. A beautifully responsive, content lead site that ensures the customer has the best possible experience from browsing through to buying across any device. Taking advantage of the entire Adobe suite we were able to create bespoke personalised experiences for every customer meaning we’re always making things easier and more inspiring.Simple filtering and great content enhanced the gifting experience for users.  It also expanded the focus from being a purely gift buying site to an online platform where customers shared potential adventures with friends right through to a ‘things to do site’ that rivals TripAdvisor.



increase in mobile conversion


Simple filtering, learnt personalisation and inspiration through vivid content gets you to the right gift, quickly and accurately. The stress of finding the perfect gift, gone.


Customer reviews, stories and social integration means you learn about the product from people that have been there rather than just a suppliers spiel


Using content to get people as close to the experience as possible.

Growth Rate after initial two week period:


increased traffic throughout the site


increased transactions


increase in revenue


‍AVerage Order Value


increase in mobile conversion

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