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P&O’s outdated Cruise Personaliser application was soon to be decommissioned. The app, which was managed in the UK, was difficult for customers to use and resulted in a large number of calls to the call center. P&O engaged us to create a new, more robust solution that could be managed by the local team and include a range of new features to both facilitate a seamless check-in process and build excitement and confidence in the customer.
Our team worked closely with P&O to scope a solution that addressed key business requirements, while providing a stable platform for future phases of development. Cruise Control was the result of that work, incorporating a number of new features - online payments, cruise schedule, and on-demand E-Ticketing - all with a vastly improved, responsive user experience
Our solution has been well received by both P&O and their customers. Calls to the call center have dropped significantly since the launch. User engagement with the new site has been high, with over 320,000 customer interactions in the first month alone. After obtaining their ticket, 90% of customers are browsing through to view additional offerings, with a 30% conversion rate.


A city's port functions often go under appreciated given how essential they are in the creation and maintenance of a city. The Port Education Centre, an arm of the larger Port of Melbourne Corporation, approached Deepend to create an e-learning tool. The Port Ed team was after an interactive tool that got students engaged in something more than just a printed worksheet.


The Port Ed e-learning tool Deepend created, takes the user on an educational adventure through the port explaining the importance of import and export for Australia. The user scrolls through the story of the port and it’s functions, users can also click on certain elements within each scene, revealing fun facts and more. On completion, a quiz tests the knowledge that the user has attained and then an email arrives direct to their inbox congratulating them on what they have learnt at the port, complete with a certificate they can print and keep.


While the site is only in early days the response to the website has been incredibly positive. The website was presented to 500 teachers at the annual Geography Teachers Association of Victoria Conference to high praise. After the conference, the Port Education Centre received communications from over half the 500 attendees praising the e-learning tool and making enquires into booking school excursion’s to the port. The site is scheduled to be shown to the Victorian Commercial Teachers Association in October and it’s expected to present yet another huge boost to schools considering an excursion to the port.
Parallax scroll & animation
The curriculum that the site needed to follow was fairly linear in nature lending which allowed the site to follow more of a narrative. Parallax scroll and complex front end development meant users move through a series of animations which form the pages of the site.

Bespoke illustration

Due to the manner in which the site animates each element on the page had to be individually illustrated. Deepend defined a unique style for the site and the resulting illustration peaked the interest of kids through to adults.

Quiz & email

First and foremost the tool needed to be educational. Once users have moved through the site taking in all the facts, they are presented with a quiz that tests their knowledge. On completion the user receives an email with a summation of their time at the port and a congratulatory certificate for finishing the quiz.

Curriculum focused learning

Strict guidelines were followed in ensuring that the material presented in the e-learning tool was in accordance with school curriculum. In addition to this Deepend created a website that not only followed curriculum but was also an engaging online experience for any visitor to the site.
It's still early days with the new e-learning tool but results from the first few weeks since go-live have reported a huge session duration time of between 2.5 and 3 minutes per user. Indicating people love the site and are encouraged to stay and explore the port online.