Using social content to create new seasonal occasions for an old favourite.


Though it is enjoyed year round, most consumers traditionally have a strong association with Ferrero Rocher and Christmas. In fact, this holiday is responsible for the bulk of Rocher’s sales volume each year. Ferrero wanted to develop and strengthen links with more occasions, encouraging audiences to enjoy Ferrero in a range of new (and less expected) ways including Chinese New Year, Winter and Father’s Day.


To begin, HWBK identified iconic product features that were synonymous with the Ferrero brand; the gold of the wrapping and the idea that the boxes are designed to share. We then placed these iconic features at the heart of other celebratory occasions not yet strongly associated with Ferrero via a suite of aspirational content. This content was delivered to fans and non-fans via boosted posts on Facebook, thus strengthening the link between Ferrero and many new, unexpected occasions for a broad audience.


In the non-Christmas period (Feb – Sept) Ferrero consistently ranked in the top five of all FMCG Facebook pages in Australia for engagement rate and Likes. Engagement rates were excellent, ranging from 0.52% during the Winter campaign to a massive 5% during Father’s Day campaign. 
An audience who loves the product
Ferrero fans consistently favour product-centric content over other styles. So, we developed ‘new occasions’ content that had the Ferrero praline as its visual core.
The year of the Goat
The iconic Ferrero gold was the perfect for sending out a Chinese New Year celebration message.
The Ferrero audience also loves craft activities related to the product. With this in mind we built content that would inspire Ferrero craft for new occasions - from Winter home improvements to origami.
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