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Peters Ice Cream came to Deepend with a top-secret product that needed a website to continue the brand story in a digital capacity. Fandangles were set to be the new ice cream that not only tasted amazing but also gave mums more choice when it came to lower price-point ice cream options. With four flavour variants including Toffee Whoopie Cookie, Fairy Floss, ChocShmallow and Caramel Popcorn, Fandangles bring a little something different to the freezer aisle.


The resulting Fandangles website was ‘Fandangled’ to say the least. Deepend utilised responsive and parallax web design to bring each of the flavours to life, thereby giving users an interactive brand extension to the design seen on-pack and in above the line executions. In addition to the website, Deepend developed 5 apps that continued the brand story; a game for each of the flavours, unlocked with the secret code found on-pack and 1 that could be played by everyone.


Peters Ice Cream have been ecstatic with the final website and games, the response they have had thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. The digital facet of the project has been a huge part of getting audiences involved with the Fandangles brand beyond just taking an ice cream from the freezer. As the site is still fresh results are on the climb but the response has been incredibly impressive given the short amount of time the site has been live.

Responsive design

With over 7 responsive break points built into the site, users can get ‘Fandangled’ on any device or screen size imaginable.
Secret code
In a unique take on a stick mechanism, ice cream eaters can unlock games online after devouring their creamy treat.
Parallax design
With a product name like Fandangles, the product leant itself to a website that had surprises at every turn and parallax technology provided the perfect medium to do so.

Games on every platform

Upon cracking the secret code users gained access to a variety of fun games themed around each flavour. These were playable on desktop, tablet and most modern mobile devices.
Some of the early results include
Over 5000 facebook likes in the first two weeks of the site going live.
Over 7000 unique visitors to the website in less than a month.
Over a quarter of all site visits are returning visitors with over 90% of these heading back to the games section of the site.
Almost 3000 unique app downloads in the first month.
Over 80% of site traffic comes from direct and organic search channels.
Product sales in the first 3 months have exceeded projected forecasts by almost 20%