The National Stroke Foundation, along with founding partner The Bupa Health Foundation, identified that many stroke survivors and their families felt there was a void in support after they return home from hospital and finish formal rehabilitation. Stroke is a leading cause of disability amongst adults and leaves almost two thirds of survivors requiring assistance with daily living activities.  The disabilities that can be incurred as a result of stroke vary vastly from person to person, meaning the information and resources provided needed to reflect these unique variables. The National Stroke Foundation tasked Deepend to create an innovative online portal that would not only act as a resource to assist Australian stroke survivors, but would also be hyper-accessible with the ability to adapt to meet the unique disabilities different stroke survivors may have.


Deepend and the National Stroke Foundation worked directly with stroke survivors throughout the development process, using their feedback to continually help shape the content and functionality.  This collaborative working method ensured the final solution met the unique variables required with ground breaking accessibility standards. The site settings can be customised to help meet a range of individual needs that stroke survivors may have, including vision, communication and mobility issues.The detailed level of personalisation across enableme is made possible through the advanced Accessibility Wizard, a highly innovative use of Sitecore and use of the Angular JS framework to load various parts of the site asynchronously. Alongside its hyper-adaptability, enableme brings together thousands of stroke resources. It combines information, advice and the ability to set personal goals, while also enabling connection with other stroke survivors, carers and families.


The National Stroke Foundation and Australian Stroke community have wholeheartedly embraced enableme, and couldn’t be happier with the result. In only five months since launching enableme has almost 1400 active users which is growing daily.The average session is a whopping 4 minutes and 23 seconds and users visit an average of 4.69 pages per visit.  Within the site, users have created over 1100 comments, goals, blogs and forums, and an incredible 1 in 10 site visitors to the site converting into a registration.Users now feel empowered to take control of their recovery and there have been many tears shed by stroke survivors as they expressed how much of a difference this platform would have made for them and will make for other survivors in the future.

Web accessibility without precedent

Core to the innovation of enableme is an accessibility wizard that can alter the display of the website website to accommodate for the user's specific accessibility requirements.

"Strokes are happening to younger people these days, I think enableme really helps survivors to better understand recovery and to get the message out there."

William Lo, Stroke Survivor

A single authoritative information resource

Over 1,200 resources from Australia’s best stroke rehabilitation specialists can be easily found via an intuitive user experience or aggregated into a newsfeed, tailored to suit the user’s areas of interest.

We’ve got your back

enableme allows you to connect with carers, health professionals or fellow stroke survivors to share advice, ask questions and build relationships.

Patient directed rehabilitation

Users can create a personal goal, track their progress and be motivated by the online community via social sharing tools.


Approximately 1 in 10 users who 
visit the website sign up

There are currently over 1,400 registered accounts consistently users who have signed up to enableme contributing to over 1,100 comments, goals created, blogs written and forums started and posts. 4 minutes and 45 seconds and users visit an average of 4.69 pages per visit.

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