P&O’s outdated Cruise Personaliser application was soon to be decommissioned. The app, which was managed in the UK, was difficult for customers to use and resulted in a large number of calls to the call center. P&O engaged us to create a new, more robust solution that could be managed by the local team and include a range of new features to both facilitate a seamless check-in process and maximise customer experience as well as revenue opportunities.
Our team worked closely with P&O to leverage customer’s natural excitement of their impending holiday by amplifying social sharing whilst driving incremental revenue by raising customer’s awareness and bookings of Cruising activities on the new stable platform. Cruise Control was the result of that work, incorporating a number of new features - online payments, cruise schedule, and on-demand E-Ticketing - all with a vastly improved, responsive user experience
Already we have seen a 32% increase in revenue generated pre cruise, as well as, calls to the call center dropping significantly since the launch. User engagement with the new site has been high, with over 320,000 customer interactions in the first month alone. After obtaining their ticket, 90% of customers are browsing through to view additional offerings, with a 30% conversion rate.


To ensure we built the best product possible for P&O’s customers, we conducted user research to uncover their (latent) needs. The cruise personalisation experience was crafted with the values ‘simple’, ‘useful’, ‘builds excitement’ and ‘always relevant’ at it’s the core. The result is a product that facilitates a seamless check-in process, as well as speaks to the user’s anticipation on an emotional level.


The tool is mobile device responsive to ensure customers could plan and interact with the social features on-the-go. ‘Cruisers’ will now always be equipped with up to date travel information, tour options, booking details and more.

shore tours

The key objective for P&O, apart from making the Cruise Personaliser more customer focused, is to up sell tours available to passengers on and off the ship during the trip. The ‘Shore Tours’ function not only provides easy to book activities for travellers but P&O with the leverage to upsell well in advance of departures thereby guaranteeing an early revenue stream.


Shore Tours are connected to the passenger’s personal schedules. Visualising bookings and trip activities facilitates customers planning and overall experience. Furthermore, it excites passengers prior to their trip thus encouraging booking more as well as socially sharing their plans with friends leading to further social engagement.


Over 320,000 customers have interacted with Cruise Control in the first month alone. Other promising results include the 30% conversion rate of all users being upsold tours and 90% of customers browsing through the additional offerings. As well as a noticeable decrease in unnecessary calls to the Call Centre.