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Make the humble cookbook an engaging digital experience. This was the challenge that Deepend was given when global book publisher, Hardie Grant came looking for an agency to make their idea, a reality. Hardie Grant is renowned for their vast array of publications in the food and wine categories and was the natural progression in taking their print publications online. The biggest challenge for this project was ensuring the site could expand at the same rate that Hardie Grant published more titles.


Deepend created a bespoke, digital database that handled every cookbook, author profile, image, glossary entry and any other publication-specific content. Built on a custom Sitecore platform, the site allows editorial updates and complete flexibility when it comes to content presentation.  Users are presented with more than just a recipe, they are given an online cooking community. This is achieved through author curated content, editorials and social media integration.

Result received 75,000 visitors in the first month alone. A strong focus was placed on user growth acceleration which resulted in acquiring over 20,000 email sign-ups and 40,000 facebook fans prior to the site launching. These numbers have consistently climbed since launch. has become a unique and innovative business model in the typically traditional industry of book publishing. Due to the success of the Hardie Grant team have already made plans to launch the site in the UK and the US.

20 000 recipes

Over 20 000 recipes from world renowned chefs and cooks can be discovered via a comprehensive search functionality. 

Capturing the essence of a cookbook

The site brings beautiful food imagery to the fore. Deepend designed to capture the experience one has looking through a cookbook.


Looking for dinner inspiration on the train home or cooking to a recipe in the kitchen on your tablet, works effortlessly on all screen sizes.

Shop online

A lot of thought was put into ensuring a strong strategy sat around the eCommerce arm of Ensuring was employing the best tactics in regards to its subscription and online store capabilities was a primary aim. Users can purchase books and have them delivered to their letterbox all on the one website.
75,000 site visitors in the first month 
 20,000 email sign-ups prior to launch
Over 44,000 facebook likes and climbing