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the challenge

Australian legal institution The College of Law partnered with Deepend to create a personalised, resposive digital experience that guided and supported students throughout their legal career.
A key success criteria was increasing the depth and frequency of student engagement beyond graduation, growing the college’s remit and revenue over time.
Forming the core of the college’s digital ecosystem, the solution had to support multiple international territories and would require complex platform integrations including e-commerce & CRM.

the solution

In response to the project's challenges we have created a responsive, elegant and highly effective solution that pushes the boundaries of Sitecore development and platform integration. 
Encompassing Salesforce, e-commerce & customer relationship management platforms, we’ve ensured the website is feeding multiple business critical systems with the intelligence required to take The College of Law into 2020 and beyond.
from student to lawyer


The College of Law is one of the most trusted names in legal training, with more than 60,000 graduates working across all facets of the industry. To keep this audience engaged and ensure they continue their learning journey beyond graduation, we reimagined the website as a supporting partner throughout a lawyer's career.

Prompting Course Selection

As soon as a user arrives on the College of Law homepage, they are welcomed with a [human input form / natural language form]. This tool enables a user to select which user group they most identify with, and what service they are looking for at the College of Law.

Refining Course Requirements

With thousands of courses on offer at the College of Law, users need to be able to easily filter down their options. Mobile friendly filtering and result optimisation means users are able to drill down to the courses most relevant to them with ease.

Intuitive Path to Purchase

With a variety of purchasing options available, the solution allows users to purchase on behalf of others, purchase online via a secure paywall, or purchase offline with a requested call back from the College. The ability to select multiple courses, promotional discounting, and a “sticky’ buy now button which follows as user down the page, enables customisation of course enrolments, all with the click of a button.



We streamlined the transition from design to development, creating a 'living' front-end styleguide that enabled consistency in the visual language, keeping the interface logical and strengthening the user experience.


Built on Sitecore 8.1, the College of Law platform is a multi-tenant solution. Australia, New Zealand, and the International territories are all housed within the single instance of Sitecore. eCommerce functionality is supported through uCommerce - a trusted Sitecore partner platform. 


While the website only launched in late January 2017, the response has already been huge.
The integration of ecommerce with our student management system was complex but worth the effort. We had online orders on Day 1 which were created seamlessly without any staff intervention required. We look forward to the future development of the sites harnessing the Sitecore platform.
Christine Simmons, Group Managing Director
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