The Breast Cancer Network of Australia (BCNA) is the peak national organisation for Australians affected by breast cancer, and consists of a network of more than 100,000 members and 300 member Groups. BCNA came to Deepend to entirely redesign and redevelop their website from the ground up. The new website needed to continue to provide the support, information and advocacy buwithin a more sophisticated and user centric platform. The mission of the website is to bring together a support and informative system for women of all different diversities to seek advice and support in a secure, private environment.


Deepend developed a sophisticated CRM integration that allows the BCNA team to connect with their users on a deeper more meaningful level. Deepend created a platform, similar to Facebook, where women are able to create profiles and connect with women from all regions across Australia. With security and privacy at the forefront, users are able to read, share and interact with a large volume of tagged and intuitively structured content. The friendly interface and strong privacy settings offer users a simple and safe environment that has been built through highly advanced technical platforms.


Deepend were able to provide a safe and private environment for the users, as well as improve efficiency of the BCNA offices and the data quality of its members.In only three months from launching, the network gained over 1,000 new registered users.  Page views per session has increased by 250% compared to the previous year.  Deepend also successfully moved the existing accounts from one database to a new more improved one, while making sure all the information remained private. The website now allows the users to keep informed about survivors, treatments and useful information about breast cancer.

Communication in a connected world.

The BCNA website transformed the organization's reliance on traditional communication channels to a contemporary and connected digital repository that can be easily accessed from any device and encourages a two way dialogue.

A huge repository of resources

There is a large information database with resources for breast cancer; forums for members to give and seek advice; groups for members with specific needs; blogs to share thoughts and memories of their journey; events that allow people to come together; and information for initial diagnosis and ongoing treatment.

Community engagement

BCNA's online network gives members the ability to find individuals and groups of people in similar situations and with common interests, regardless of location, who you might like to connect with and share experiences.

Members can control their privacy settings and determine how much information they reveal, join in discussion groups and send messages to others, and keep friends and family up-to-date through their own online diary.

Salesforce integration

Salesforce integration has been used to keep users up to date data on all BCNA members. This helps BCNA staff keep track of a member's information, diagnosis, and which resources they have received.


Currently there are 14,000 active online members

10,000 posts


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