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P&O’s outdated Cruise Personaliser application was soon to be decommissioned. The app, which was managed in the UK, was difficult for customers to use and resulted in a large number of calls to the call center. P&O engaged us to create a new, more robust solution that could be managed by the local team and include a range of new features to both facilitate a seamless check-in process and build excitement and confidence in the customer.
Our team worked closely with P&O to scope a solution that addressed key business requirements, while providing a stable platform for future phases of development. Cruise Control was the result of that work, incorporating a number of new features - online payments, cruise schedule, and on-demand E-Ticketing - all with a vastly improved, responsive user experience
Our solution has been well received by both P&O and their customers. Calls to the call center have dropped significantly since the launch. User engagement with the new site has been high, with over 320,000 customer interactions in the first month alone. After obtaining their ticket, 90% of customers are browsing through to view additional offerings, with a 30% conversion rate.


The Australian Centre for the Moving Image has been on the front line of some of Australia and the world’s most progressive art since their inception; their website however, left a little to be desired. ACMI came to Deepend looking for a partner in creating a website that matched the avant-garde, modern and forward-thinking ethos that the ACMI named carried. A long list of features and functionality came with this project as technical prowess was as important as design for the ACMI team.


With the brief in-hand, Deepend plunged into what would become one of the biggest design and build challenges undertaken thus far. After locking down the look and feel of the site and getting a handle on the technical twists and turns that needed to be integrated in the site the resulting website was both beautiful in form and function. Designed with the user in mind, the site is easily digestible and has a well thought out user experience that drives users to explore and book online.


With the launch of the site Deepend was overwhelmed with admiration from the arts industry, ACMI themselves, industry peers and lovers of art everywhere. Some of the praise included tweets from Melbourne International Film Festival saying “It looks beautiful! Congratulations!” and Arts Victoria saying "Oooh, the new ACMI website is up and it’s a pearler! Responsive, navigable AND pretty.”.


Deepend designed the site to comfortably adapt to varying screen sizes and device types. A strong focus was placed on ensuring users on smaller screen sizes did not feel limited in their exploration of the site or use of the site’s functionality.
A Calendar like no other
ACMI plays host to hundreds of events, exhibitions and talks every month. The calendar is robust enough to handle large volumes of information while remaining quick and responsive for the user.

Explore & book online

Deepend developed the site to ensure that users were transitioned seamlessly into the ACMI booking system. Both design and development have created the ultimate user experience for fast and easy online bookings.
Parallax scroll
As the user scrolls down a page content modules animate onto the screen. This feature is subtle but effective in engaging the user in the content and presenting it in an unexpected way.
Since launch the site has received over 550,000 hits with 30-60 active users at any one time.
Users are spending up to 4 times longer on the site than previously.
40% of visitors to the site are converting into sales. Over 70% of traffic to the site comes from direct and organic sources.
All previously held Google search rankings have been maintained.