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As Foxtel's flagship entertainment channel, FOX8 not only houses some of the biggest name international productions such as Gossip Girl and The Simpsons, it also plays host to big name local productions such as Australia's Next Top Model, and Slide.

As such, the FOX8 site redevelopment needed to be highly visual and interactive, not to the detriment of the site's performance. The resulting Flash-free solution delivers a rich and layered experience to all users – iPhone and iPad included.

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Video Solution


Ensuring a user can easily watch, queue, comment on, and explore video content online was essential to playing to FOX8's strengths in video content. Users can compile their favourite videos into playlists, allowing them to personalise subsequent visits to the site. Further, the integration of social graph, Facebook commenting against the videos allows users to comment on their favourites, while further promoting FOX8 to a wider audience.

Flexible Competition


As a key revenue stream, FOX8 regularly deploy competitions across their flagship program sections. Ranging from simple uploads, to games of skill and chance, the site required a competition engine that was flexible and allowed admin to deploy a range of competitions quickly and easily.

Great Results


The new site is 3 times faster to load than its predecessor and was benchmarked to well above 5,000 concurrent users (that's over 650,000 hits per day)

This robust performance has lead to a 250% increase in share of visits that engage with video content, with a 20% increase in visitation to key show pages. These statistics highlight the increased usability and speed of the new site. This has also contributed to a 27% increase in session length on the site.